We make sure our clients do good and do well.

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“What we do for a living is help our clients out-compete their peers and make more money by reducing their environmental impact and bringing environmental solutions to the marketplace. If we are successful, our clients make more money, and the world is a better place.”

— Roger Ballentine

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Navigate the Changing Landscape.

Climate change, resource constraints, technological innovation, regulatory developments, and changing consumer preferences are all combining to make the world’s business environment more complex and challenging.  The magnitude of these change drivers is unprecedented. Investors, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs who best understand these current dynamics – as well as the change that is around the corner — will be the winners in the 21st Century economy.

Doing good while doing well.

We help our clients navigate this landscape — as well as “see around the corner” – to deliver value to their bottom line while creating shared value in their communities and for the environment. While many “green” consultants focus primarily on helping clients “do good,” we are laser-focused on helping our clients “do well” through value-added sustainability strategies, best-in-class public policy insights, clean energy transaction development, stakeholder relationship management, and detailed market and issue analyses.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, leading investment firms, large energy companies, technology providers, and national business associations.

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