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From Energy Crisis To Energy Security: A Reader

by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross (Author), Clifford D. May (Author) American dependence on oil sends hundreds of billions of dollars overseas every year, forces the U.S. to put its troops in harm’s way, and undermines American diplomatic efforts. As the United States experiences rapidly increasing oil and commodities prices, coupled with sluggish economic growth, it is critical […]

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New Horizons in Research on Sustainable Organisations: Emerging Ideas, Approaches and Tools for Practitioners and Researchers

by Mark Starik (Editor), Sanjay Sharma (Editor), Carolyn Egri (Editor), Rick Bunch (Editor) Environmental sustainability practice and research have advanced over the past decade from novelty to near-mainstream status today. During this environmentally critical time period, sustainability practitioner techniques, such as environmental, energy and social auditing, other sustainability information and related systems, and a wide […]

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