Public Policy and Stakeholder Affairs

There are very few companies whose bottom line or brand value is not impacted by public policy or by key stakeholders – such as environmental NGOs, ESG investors, or sustainability ratings agencies. With decades of experience, substantive expertise, and hard-earned credibility, Green Strategies helps our clients navigate these business-critical arenas.

Public Policy

Using our decades of experience in and outside of government, Green Strategies engages on the front lines of legislative developments and regulatory activities surrounding environment, climate change, and clean energy at the federal and state levels. With insights and through our relationships we help our clients anticipate impactful policy and change and build effective policy engagement strategies.  We are not just “lobbyists” with a big rolodex; we are well-known substantive experts with the credibility to interact with policymakers on behalf of our clients.

Stakeholder Affairs, Crisis Management, and Brand Value Protection

Independent of public policy, non-governmental stakeholders play an important role in shaping corporate reputation and impacting customer choices in the marketplace. For our clients, they are key allies for the acceptance and promotion of products and services that advance larger environmental goals. NGOs, ESG investors, and sustainability analysts and advocates know and respect us and we help our clients successfully engage these stakeholders.  And for clients that find themselves on the wrong side of stakeholder attention, we provide crisis management strategies to preserve or restore brand value and corporate reputation.

Representative Case Studies:

  • Corporate Reputation: A large consumer products company came to Green Strategies after a high-profile failure to comply with federal environmental performance standards, earning the company the wrath of environmental and consumer advocates, which impacted the company’s brand and reputation. We designed and led a turnaround plan based on new company practices and commitments, extensive stakeholder outreach, and new partnerships with advocates that restored the company’s reputation and positioned it as a sustainability leader.
  • Advocacy: To support a ground-breaking carbon capture project, we led an advocacy effort at the White House and EPA alongside environmental stakeholders to secure new federal guidance that eliminated permitting risks that could have jeopardized the project.
  • Utility Policy: On behalf of a large corporate renewable energy consumer, we led efforts to organize advocates and other companies to lobby several states’ Governors and legislatures to change utility policy to accommodate deployment of on-site solar energy.
  • Rule-Making Process: We have led three different clients through different rule-making processes in California in support of each of the client’s leading energy efficiency product offerings. Well-meaning but misguided proposed rules undercut our clients’ efforts to drive greater efficiency and to maintain their market-leading position it the provision of best in class efficient products.
  • Coalition Building: We were central to creating a large and diverse coalition of industry, labor, and environmental advocates that worked with the White House and Members of Congress to ultimately enact a new tax credit to support carbon capture and sequestration projects.

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