Business Sustainability Consulting

Adding Value to the Bottom Line

Sustainability is not a trend or a task — it is a tool — a tool for better management, better performance, and increased value to shareholders and stakeholders.

Business leaders who truly understand integrated sustainability practices have a competitive advantage in the 21st Century marketplace. We help clients identify, create, and execute customized sustainability solutions that enhance their competitive advantage and deliver value to their stakeholders and the environment. We advise clients on sustainability strategies that align with their core business model to achieve maximum results.

Green Strategies has experience:

  • helping companies that are beginning sustainability programs to understand the value proposition, design internal structures, select key performance indicators, and navigate tracking and reporting options;
  • helping companies with established sustainability programs execute and derive more value from enhanced practices and new initiatives;
  • performing sustainability program reviews and assessments to ensure that clients’ programs continue to deliver maximum value given ever-changing circumstances;
  • assisting companies with crisis management situations where brand or reputation value has been damaged and where strong stakeholder/government outreach or improved sustainability performance can repair harm and add new value.

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