Government and Stakeholder Affairs

Outreach with Impact

We monitor legislative developments and regulatory activities in the areas of the environment, climate change and clean energy and assess how these policies affect our clients’ specific industries. We also proactively engage with key stakeholders in the environmental and energy policy arena at both the federal and state levels. Government and NGOs are important and impactful stakeholders. With decades of experience working inside the government and with these key players, we help our clients build strategies and relationships to create value and solve problems.

We have seen many companies waste money and time on ill-advised “Washington strategies”, often using “lobbying” firms that may know Washington but that are not sector or business experts. We are government and business experts who use our experience to help companies turn the role that Washington already plays in their industry into an asset that positions them for success in the public policy arena, help them communicate their views to key policymakers, build critical alliances with allies and stakeholders and design a course of action to achieve maximum results.

We provide crisis management strategies and cost effective solutions that preserve or restore brand value and corporate reputation.

You can read more about our Government & Stakeholder Affairs services on our case studies page.