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Congress, DOE continue carbon capture push, but utilities wary

“The ability to reduce the carbon emissions from a [power] plant certainly is a de-risking factor, because I think most plant owners agree that the likelihood of some carbon control or carbon pricing is still very, very real…To get further to a deep decarbonization in the electricity sector over the next several decades, the natural […]

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A Climate Solution We Cannot Afford to Ignore: Biomass Sourced From Naturally Managed Working Forests

By Roger Ballentine and Jennifer Jenkins. Outside the realm of climate change deniers, there is broad consensus that we need rapid and deep decarbonization of modern energy systems to have any chance of stabilizing global average temperature rise in the neighborhood of two degrees Celsius, the threshold widely viewed as critical for avoiding the most […]

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Experts Only Podcast: Roger Ballentine, President Green Strategies, Inc.

Join us as we speak with Roger Ballentine, President of Green Strategies and former Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force and Deputy Assistant to the President for Environmental Initiatives in the Clinton Administration.

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OpEd: Re framing Renewable Energy as National Security

A recent Center for Naval Analysis Military Advisory Board paper clearly states that a modernized, diversified energy portfolio is essential to national security. Yet, Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s policy to “stockpile coal” continues to threaten our nation’s ability to respond to grid attacks. A new Hill op-ed by Green Strategies’ Roger Ballentine and Miranda A.A. Ballentine lays […]

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Secretary Perry, it’s time to accept renewable energy is a good defense policy too

By Miranda A.A. and Roger S. Ballentine, Opinion Contributors Photo: © Victoria Sarno Jordan When it comes to energy security, Energy Secretary Rick Perry could learn a lot from the Department of Defense. Renewable energy is not a national security problem — it is a key part of the solution.

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