Business Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability is not a trend or a task; it is a tool for better management, better performance, and increased value to shareholders and stakeholders. Business leaders who truly understand integrated sustainability practices have a competitive advantage in the 21st Century marketplace.

Adding Value to the Bottom Line

We help clients identify, create, and execute customized sustainability solutions that enhance their competitive advantage as well as deliver value to their stakeholders and the environment. We advise clients on sustainability strategies that align with their core business model to achieve maximum results.

We have helped companies that are beginning sustainability programs to understand the value proposition, design internal structures, select key performance indicators, and navigate tracking and reporting options. We also help companies with established sustainability programs execute and derive more value from enhanced practices and new initiatives. We closely monitor the latest developments, so our clients can capitalize on emerging trends and maintain their leadership amidst the fast-paced evolution of sustainability programs.

Representative Case Studies:

  • Mergers and Combined Value: For a large company involved in a merger, we designed and executed a strategy to incorporate the company’s strong sustainability ethic into the soon-to-be combined company, seeking new sustainability value through the combined enterprise and by educating the acquired company on how to align its practices for larger combined value.
  • Next Generation Goal-Setting: For a leading industrial company with best-in-class sustainability commitments in place, we led a year-long process to develop its next set of leading commitments. We developed value-adding new goals and ran a process to solicit and incorporate ideas and input from a broad range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Executive Team Briefing: For a heavy manufacturing company with a CEO dedicated to enhancing the company’s sustainability profile and commitments, we were brought in to brief senior leaders on best practices, sustainability trends, and the business value of sustainability. We then helped design and incorporate a best-practices sustainability policy.
  • Sustainability Goal Implementation: In support of an aggressive greenhouse reduction goal we developed for a large corporate with multiple facilities across the U.S., we analyzed and prioritized sites for potential on-site solar development, analyzed relevant policy and subsidy dynamics, examined environmental attribute markets, and wrote requests for proposals (RFPs) for candidate sites.

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