Energy and Environmental Market Services

We know business. We use our best-in-class insights into regulatory dynamics, technology developments, changing customer expectations, stakeholder influencers, and the changing cast of market players to help our clients “see around the corner” and succeed in energy and environmental markets.

Market Analysis and Business Strategy Development

Even the most sophisticated of clients benefit from our insider knowledge of energy and environmental markets. We provide analyses tailored to our clients’ needs and interests, mapping broad market developments and flagging specific dynamics that can be the difference between success and failure.

Representative Case Studies:

  • Demand Response: For a major energy company looking to make an acquisition to enter the demand response (DR) market, we provided a detailed analysis of DR revenue opportunities, policy opportunities and risks, and created a benchmarking analysis of all relevant market players.
  • Shale Gas: For a major overseas oil and gas midstream infrastructure company, we did a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. shale gas sector, identifying potential entry points, risks, and potential partners.
  • Distributed Energy Resources & Customer Expectations: For a large U.S. company entering the distributed energy resource (DER) market, we did analyses of customer expectations and needs; novel financing mechanisms driven by state policies; and the value and risks of markets for environmental attributes;
  • Grid Modernization: For a data analytics company, we did a deep dive into the changing role of data in the retail electricity sector, analyzing the impact of state-level grid modernization efforts, and identifying potential customers.
  • S. Markets Explained: For a large Asian capital provider, we provided analyses of markets in the U.S. and Latin America for geothermal energy, carbon capture and sequestration technologies, electric vehicles, nuclear energy, and wind power.
  • Water Conservation: For a large consumer goods company with a strong commitment to water conservation, we did an analysis of government and utility water saving policies and analyzed the state of water conservation technologies and their market penetration.

Corporate Energy Strategy and Procurement

For nearly two decades, Green Strategies has been at the forefront of efforts by companies to better manage their energy spend and to reduce their carbon footprints and utilize clean energy in the face of a rapidly changing regulatory and market structures.

Representative Case Studies:

  • Energy Procurement Guidance: For a large consumer products manufacturer, we created an energy procurement handbook to guide energy buyers in the changing market landscape, giving them the tools they needed to procure clean energy from utilities and third-party providers, evaluate options for on-site renewable energy, and to identify and exploit opportunities for cost savings through energy efficiency.
  • Negotiation: For use in regulated electricity markets, we provided a comprehensive guide for negotiating clean energy procurement options with utilities, identifying key tariff structure elements, summarizing examples of successful clean energy procurement mechanisms, and providing a playbook for successful engagement.
  • Benchmarking: For a provider of clean energy development and financing services, we analyzed the state of corporate clean energy procurement, identifying best practices, providing insight into corporate energy procurement processes, and identified project opportunities.
  • Siting: For a large corporate with multiple facilities across the U.S., we analyzed and prioritized sites for potential on-site solar development, analyzed relevant policy and subsidy dynamics, examined environmental attribute markets, and wrote requests for proposals (RFPs) for candidate sites.

Partner and Transaction Development

With our insights into market drivers and customer strategies, we help developers and solution providers find go-to-market partners and identify potential transactions.

Representative Case Studies:

  • Project Opportunities: For a project developer, we identified specific project opportunities and made introductions to intermediaries running proprietary RFPs for a host of major building asset owners looking to develop on-site solar projects.
  • Project Execution: For a renewable energy developer with a site under control for possible project development, we identified potential off-takers, made introductions, and guided negotiations.
  • Sustainable Growth Plan: In 2007 KKR, TPG and Goldman Sachs executed the largest private equity transaction in history – the purchase of Texas Utilities (TXU). The private equity buyers knew that their target could only become a valuable investment – and an investment consistent with their own sustainability standards – if a new growth plan was designed. The buyers brought in Green Strategies to help design that plan. Using our extensive knowledge of climate mitigation options, energy efficiency best practices, and energy and environmental markets in general, we designed a far-reaching environmental “turn around” plan for the utility that resulted in greatly reducing the number of coal plants to be built while undertaking a broad program of environmental improvements and commitments. The result was a proposal that, when it went public, garnered the support of the environmental community and that broke regulatory and political gridlock. Green Strategies’ work was noted in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

(*Green Strategies Inc., is not registered as a broker dealer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 or as an investment advisor under the Investor Advisor Act of 1940).

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