Clean Energy Market Services

Seeing Around the Corner

We are experts in the business of clean energy. We combine a deep understanding of the dynamic energy and environmental marketplace with both corporate governance experience and best-in-class regulatory acumen. Our experience in the corporate and financial sector helps clients develop business strategies, identify and evaluate potential transactions, design and execute clean energy projects, and develop business plans benefiting from our 360° understanding of the energy and environmental marketplaces.

For companies offering products and services that improve environmental performance or meet clean energy demands, or for those considering investments in or use of green technologies, or for those looking to deploy clean energy projects, we provide valued-added analysis of the risks and opportunities presented by such business models and help navigate regulatory complexities as well as identify potential partners or acquisition targets. Our unique perspective on policy trends, competitive landscapes and stakeholder interests and drivers add insight to cutting edge business strategies.

We offer private equity/project development and M&A consulting services* in the energy and clean technology marketplace, assisting with due diligence and project evaluation.

  • Deal Sourcing: We offer constant and valuable insights and access to potential energy and clean tech investment opportunities.
  • Deal Evaluation: We help investors and buyers evaluate the full potential risks and rewards of a proposed transaction, including existing and potential policy impacts, stakeholders reactions, and competitive analysis.
  • Deal Execution: We help capital-seeking clean tech companies connect with interested capital providers and help project developers and business planners identify strategic partners and deal-impacting stakeholders.
  • Project Development: We have helped numerous clients develop clean energy projects.  We help align project design and economics with applicable regulatory structures and all available financial incentives.

Read more about our clean energy market services on our case studies page.

(*Green Strategies Inc., is not registered as a broker dealer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 or as an investment advisor under the Investor Advisor Act of 1940).