“Our Shareholders want us to do more on ‘sustainability’. How do we do that in a way that maximizes value?”

“We are looking at an investment or acquisition in the clean tech / clean energy space.  
How can we better understand the risks and opportunities?”

“We think our company can prosper in the New Energy economy,
but we need experienced guidance.”

“We don’t just need a ‘lobbyist’. We need experienced professionals who know how Washington
impacts our business strategy and our bottom line.”


Business Sustainability Consulting 

We help companies identify, anticipate, and integrate sustainability issues and solutions in ways that enhance their competitive advantage, mitigate risk, and deliver value to both their stakeholders and the environment. 


Clean Energy Market Services

We are experts in the business of clean energy. We uniquely combine deep understanding of the dynamic energy and environmental workplace with both corporate governance experience and best-in-class regulatory acumen. This allows us to help corporate and financial sector clients develop business strategies, identify and evaluate potential transactions, and execute business plans benefiting from our 360° understanding of the energy and environmental marketplaces.

Government and Stakeholder Affairs

In the energy and environment sectors, government and NGOs are important and impactful stakeholders. With decades of experience working inside and with these key players, we help our clients build strategies and relationship to create value and solve problems.